Long Overdue, Indefinite, Hiatus…

November 28th, 2010 by TheMissingNin

I think I’m filled with enough self-loathing now that I can write this post. You may have noticed that there hasn’t been anything new posted here since September, and things are going to continue that way until I find something interesting to say. Which is to say, never. It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally given up.

I began writing this blog about 4 Years ago, back when I was still enthusiastic and hopeful for a great many things, and I thought as I would succeed I’d be able to say something worth saying, and people would say stuff back. That is how the internet works after all. But as I continue down the fail-spiral, I am finding my opinions to be less relevant each and every day. I was to be a game designer, and now I am and forever will be a nothing designer.

So I’m going to stop writing for the blog. I’ve recently been jotting down Ideas here and there for things that will never be, simply to stop them keeping me up at night. Ideas for games, and plots for stories, but none I’d ever share with the internet. It’s more to keep my remaining sanity in check rather than some sort of grab of appreciation. But I don’t feel the need to talk about the latest gaming news, or prop up a review like it’s something that matters. If you require such services, Kotaku and Giant Bomb can do a billion times better than I ever could.

It’s also an attempt to step a little further away from Magic: The Gathering. As much as I did write about it, It saddens me that I never actually got to use the decks I build, and in revolt I  do something stupid like spend money on the Online version or lobotomise my bank account every time a new set hits.

I’m not shutting the blog down, I’ve put to many words into this to delete it from existence, and for posterity’s sake I’ll continue to post the annual year in review posts; since when I look back at the blog; they are the most personally relevant. My only remaining active presence on the ‘net will be my Twitter feed – about 140 characters is all I really need to convey my most brilliant of ideas, and you can find that HERE.

The Blog will stay in suspended animation until my life becomes interesting again. For the foreseeable future that won’t be the case. My two life goals currently consist of “Don’t Get Fired” and “Move Out of My Parents House A.S.A.P.” And both are topics not worth discussing. Should I win the lottery, or become Magic Champion of the World, I’ll probably find something to write about. But right now all that’s worth saying is:

See you, Space Cowboys…

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One Response

  1. Lithgow Says:

    Awww this makes me sadface…

    It’s a shame to hear you wanna shut down the pagoda but hopefully you are just hitting a bit of a funk atm that’s knocked your confidence a bit.

    In my opinion if you have some game ideas and such why not post them up? Even if you dont particularly want any feedback or criticism it could be nice to have some pages dedicated to different ideas and you could just add to them as time goes on and you have new ideas or someting? Creating something akin to a digital scrapbook?

    Maybe it’s not something you are interested in, but I have always found that whenever I get into a funk or depression, just creating something…anything just for the sake of it, helps me to get out of it.

    I know it’s hard to get started…god damn do I know it, but if your dream is still to be a game designer why not give it a shot?

    Unyways i’m just babbling now, you can tell me to stfu if you want XD but if you want a hand with anything just let me know bro.